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Name Code Type
P24110 Module
Computational Models of Cognitive Processes P24106 Module
Neuroscience P24105 Module
Project Design and Methodology P24104 Module
Statistical Theory and Methods P24107 Module
P24111 Module
P24114 Module
Critical Thinking & Presentation Skills P24116 Module
Neurodegeneration P24103 Module
Research Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience P24102 Module
Research Methods in Developmental Psychology P24115 Module
Understanding Developmental Disorders P24112 Module
P24101 Module
P24119 Module
Cognitive and Social Development P24113 Module
Critical Evaluation of Statistical Method P24117 Module
Library-based Dissertation P24196 Module
Personality and Psychological Disorders P24109 Module
Research Based Dissertation P24197 Module
Research Based Dissertation P24118 Module
Research-based Dissertation P24198 Module
Research-Based Thesis P24199 Module
Social Psychology P24108 Module
Topics in Child Development and Learning P24120 Module

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