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Acoustics and Recording Studio Design MUSC6007 Module
Advanced Composition MUSC6016 Module
Advanced Musicology MUSC6017 Module
Advanced Musicology I MUSC7004 Module
Advanced Musicology II MUSC7005 Module
Advanced Solo Performance MUSC6014 Module
Advanced Studio Recording MUSC5015 Module
Approaches to Experimental Composition and Sound Arts MUSC7006 Module
Audio Application Design MUSC5032 Module
Audio Production MUSC4009 Module
Audio Technology Fundamentals MUSC4019 Module
Composition for Visual Media MUSC5017 Module
Critical Listening & Music Theory MUSC4016 Module
Digital Audio MUSC4010 Module
Dissertation / Major Project MUSC7007 Module
Ensemble Performance MUSC5005 Module
Ensemble Performance Techniques MUSC4020 Module
Exploring Popular Music MUSC4029 Module
Group Performance in the City MUSC5025 Module
History, Music and Ideas MUSC5003 Module
Interactive Music Performance Technology MUSC5018 Module
Interdisciplinary Music Dissertation or Project MUSC6004 Module
Introduction to Contemporary Composition MUSC4002 Module
Introduction to Music History MUSC4030 Module
Introduction to Popular Music MUSC4003 Module
Listening Recording Composing MUSC4012 Module
Live Sound Systems MUSC5016 Module
Music Analysis MUSC5023 Module
Music and the Dramatic Arts MUSC6013 Module
Music in Society MUSC5022 Module
Music Independent Study MUSC5028 Module
Music Independent Study or Solo Performance 2 MUSC6002 Module
Music International Field Trip MUSC5020 Module
Music Journalism: History and Practice MUSC6012 Module
Music Production and Mixing MUSC5019 Module
Music Project MUSC6010 Module
Music Technology: Editing and Mixing MUSC6015 Module
Performance Portfolio & Event Production MUSC4015 Module
Popular Music in Society MUSC5004 Module
Popular Music Studies MUSC4023 Module
Practical Musicianship Skills MUSC5026 Module
Professional skills for the portfolio musician MUSC6011 Module
Recording Studio Practice MUSC5027 Module
Song writing, Film and Media Composition 2 MUSC5024 Module
Songwriting, Film & Media Composition 1 MUSC4013 Module
Sound and Recording MUSC4008 Module
Sound Synthesis MUSC4011 Module
Studio Recording Techniques MUSC4025 Module
The Music Industry MUSC4026 Module
Understanding Music on Screen MUSC4017 Module
Work Experience MUSC5021 Module

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