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Brand Publishing MJPB7009 Module
Children’s Publishing MJPB6007 Module
Chinese Language and Culture MJPB5010 Module
Creative Entrepreneurship: Content Creation for the Social Media Age MJPB6001 Module
Design & Technology MJPB4004 Module
Digital and Data Journalism MJPB6003 Module
Digital and Data Journalism MJPB7004 Module
Digital Design and Typography MJPB5014 Module
Digital Product MJPB6008 Module
Essential Journalism : News & Features MJPB5001 Module
Fashion Journalism MJPB5012 Module
Fiction and Non-Fiction MJPB6002 Module
International Publishing MJPB5009 Module
Journalism and Technology MJPB7002 Module
Journalism Dissertation/Major Project MJPB7012 Module
Lifestyle Journalism MJPB7007 Module
Magazine Journalism MJPB6006 Module
Major Project or Dissertation MJPB6010 Module
Media and Propaganda MJPB6005 Module
Media Law & Ethics MJPB4006 Module
Media Law and Ethics MJPB7003 Module
Media Marketing and Business MJPB5006 Module
Media Power and Public Affairs MJPB7006 Module
Multimedia Journalism MJPB7010 Module
Oxford: The City and the Creative Industries MJPB5004 Module
Popular Culture & the Media MJPB6011 Module
Print Media and Society: Making Sense of the History MJPB5008 Module
Research and Data Analysis MJPB5007 Module
Sports Journalism MJPB5013 Module
Storytelling As Experience MJPB4005 Module
The Book Publishing Industry MJPB5002 Module
The Creative Industries MJPB4003 Module
The Death of the Author and the Rise of the Citizen Writer MJPB6004 Module
The Practice of Journalism MJPB7001 Module
Understanding Contexts MJPB4002 Module
Video Journalism for Digital Audiences MJPB5011 Module
Work Experience MJPB6009 Module
Work Placement MJPB7011 Module
Writing & Developing Content MJPB4001 Module

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