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Calculus and Analysis MATH4009 Module
Computational Methods for Mathematical Models MATH6014 Module
Differential Equations for Applications MATH5010 Module
Discrete Mathematics MATH4004 Module
Final Year Dissertation MATH6017 Module
Fundamentals of Abstract and Linear Algebra MATH4008 Module
Further Discrete Mathematics MATH5006 Module
Geometry MATH6004 Module
Honours Topics in Mathematics MATH6009 Module
Independent Mathematical Investigation MATH6018 Module
Independent Study in Mathematics MATH6010 Module
Independent Study in Mathematics MATH5015 Module
Mathematical Models and Simulation MATH5014 Module
Mathematics Interdisciplinary Project MATH6011 Module
Mathematics Project MATH6013 Module
Numerical Analysis I MATH5007 Module
Numerical Analysis II MATH6006 Module
Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing MATH5011 Module
Perspectives in Modern Mathematics and Statistics MATH6016 Module
Stochastic Methods in Finance MATH6015 Module
Vector Calculus and Differential Geometry MATH5012 Module

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