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Academic Studies in Japan JPNS5010 Module
Advanced Japanese Communication JPNS6006 Module
Advanced Japanese Reading and Translation JPNS6002 Module
Autonomous Learning in Japan JPNS5011 Module
Classical Arts of Japan JPNS5014 Module
Contemporary Japanese Cinema JPNS5004 Module
Elements of the Japanese Language JPNS5016 Module
Essential Japanology JPNS4008 Module
Independent Study in Japanese JPNS5012 Module
Independent Study in Japanese JPNS6011 Module
Japan through Contemporary Texts JPNS6008 Module
Japan: Myth and Reality JPNS6007 Module
Japanese 1 A JPNS4004 Module
Japanese 1 B JPNS4005 Module
Japanese 2 A JPNS4006 Module
Japanese 2 B JPNS4007 Module
Japanese 4 JPNS6005 Module
Japanese 4A JPNS6003 Module
Japanese Cinema and Modern History JPNS6001 Module
Japanese for Beginners JPNS4001 Module
Japanese for Beginners 2 JPNS4011 Module
Japanese Oral Skills JPNS5006 Module
Japanese Reading and Writing 1A JPNS4009 Module
Japanese Reading and Writing 1B JPNS4010 Module
Japanese Reading and Writing 2A JPNS5017 Module
Japanese Reading and Writing 2B JPNS5018 Module
Japanese Translation: Theory and Practice JPNS6004 Module
Language Studies in Japan JPNS5009 Module
Learning Japanese through J-Pop JPNS4012 Module
Tandem Language Learning JPNS6010 Module
Tandem Language Learning JPNS5005 Module
The Making of Modern Japan JPNS5008 Module

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