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Name Code Type
Business for the Equine Industry EQSC4006 Module
Dissertation or Final Project EQSC6009 Module
Equestrian Event Management EQSC5002 Module
Equestrian Land Management EQSC6001 Module
Equine Anatomy and Physiology EQSC4002 Module
Equine Behaviour EQSC5001 Module
Equine Breeding and Stud Practice EQSC4004 Module
Equine Endocrine and Reproduction Physiology EQSC5008 Module
Equine Ethics and Welfare EQSC6003 Module
Equine Genetics EQSC5005 Module
Equine Injury and Rehabilitation EQSC6005 Module
Equine Nutrition EQSC5006 Module
Equine Performance Science EQSC5007 Module
Equine Resource Management EQSC5003 Module
Industry Placement EQSC5009 Module
Injury and Rehabilitation of the Racehorse EQSC6008 Module
International Stud Management EQSC6006 Module
Practical Horse Husbandry EQSC4003 Module
Preventative Medicine and Veterinary Techniques EQSC5004 Module
The Equine Industry EQSC4005 Module
The International Thoroughbred Industry EQSC4001 Module
Training and Developing the Athletic Horse EQSC6004 Module
Training and Developing the Racehorse EQSC6007 Module
Work Placement EQSC6002 Module

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