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Capturing the Real DIGP4017 Module
Creative Media Enterprise DIGP6020 Module
Critical Study DIGP6019 Module
Development Studio - Tech DIGP5021 Module
Development Studio-Production DIGP5019 Module
Digital Post Production DIGP4018 Module
Digital Shorts DIGP4020 Module
Drama Production DIGP5018 Module
Filming the Fantastic DIGP5016 Module
Final Production Portfolio DIGP6021 Module
Interactive Media DIGP7005 Module
Live Broadcasting DIGP5025 Module
Media Narratives 1 DIGP4016 Module
Media Narratives 2 DIGP4019 Module
Modelling and Animation Techniques DIGP7009 Module
Newsroom Operation DIGP7004 Module
Preparation for Final Production Portfolio DIGP6018 Module
Professional Media Production DIGP7006 Module
Professional Studies DIGP5017 Module
Real World Production DIGP5020 Module
Research and Dissertation DIGP7010 Module
Technical Skills DIGP4015 Module
Video Production DIGP7003 Module

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