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Conflict and Conflict Sensitivity DEVP7010 Module
Conflict, Violence and Humanitarianism DEVP7002 Module
Critical Inquiry in Development and Emergencies DEVP7005 Module
Culture Sensitivity for Humanitarian Action DEVP7011 Module
Disasters, Risk, Vulnerability and Climate Change DEVP7006 Module
Forced Migration, Protection and Humanitarianism DEVP7028 Module
Human Rights & Governance DEVP7007 Module
Humanitarian Action and Urban Crises DEVP7012 Module
Improving Humanitarian Action: Responding to crisis in 21st Century DEVP7008 Module
Independent Study DEVP7021 Module
Independent Study DEVP7020 Module
Independent Study DEVP7026 Module
Independent Study DEVP7001 Module
MA Dissertation DEVP7022 Module
Master Classes DEVP7019 Module
Mental health, psychosocial support, and wellbeing in conflict-affected areas DEVP7027 Module
Programming and Partnerships DEVP7009 Module
Refugees: Forced Migration, Protection and Humanitarianism DEVP7004 Module
Triple Nexus, Localisation and Local Turn DEVP7029 Module
Working with Conflict: practical skills and strategies DEVP7003 Module

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