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D&M: Creativity & Innovation DESN4001 Module
D&M: Social Innovation DESN4004 Module
Design and Make: Material Emergence DESN5001 Module
Design and Make: Professional Communication DESN5006 Module
Design and Make: Speculative Creation DESN6003 Module
Design and Make: Speculative Resolution DESN6004 Module
Design Thinking: Dissertation DESN6005 Module
Design Thinking: The Future of Making DESN5002 Module
DT: Social Life of Materials DESN4003 Module
Materials Tools and Processes: Post Digital DESN6002 Module
MTP: Communication & Represent DESN4002 Module
MTP: Digital Craft DESN4005 Module
PP: Collaboration & Project Management DESN4006 Module
Professional Practice: Business and Entrepreneurship DESN5005 Module
Professional Practice: Critical Review DESN6001 Module
Professional Practice: Experience and Engagement DESN5004 Module
Professional Practice: Preparation for Industry DESN5003 Module

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