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Applied Criminology 1 CRIM5006 Module
Applied Criminology 2 CRIM5007 Module
Border Criminology CRIM6008 Module
Creating Criminology CRIM4008 Module
Creating Criminology 1 CRIM4009 Module
Crime and Criminology in Context CRIM4001 Module
Crime and Intersectionality CRIM5004 Module
Crime in Theory and Practice CRIM4002 Module
Crimes of the state and resistance CRIM5011 Module
Criminology Dissertation CRIM6007 Module
Criminology Skills CRIM4007 Module
Dealing with Drugs: Control and Intoxication CRIM6004 Module
Digital Crime and Criminology CRIM5008 Module
Globalisation and Crime CRIM5005 Module
Green Criminology CRIM5009 Module
Independent Study CRIM5010 Module
Independent Study in Criminology CRIM6005 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation in Criminology CRIM6006 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation: Criminology and Law CRIM6011 Module
Media and Crime CRIM4004 Module
Picturing the Criminal: From Mugshot to Fine Art CRIM6009 Module
Policing, Security and Society CRIM6002 Module
Researching Crime: Methods, Approaches and Ethics CRIM5001 Module
Sex that Offends CRIM6012 Module
The Carnival and Pleasures of Crime CRIM6001 Module
The Prison and Imprisonment CRIM6010 Module
Theories of Crime CRIM4005 Module
Understanding Crime & Society CRIM4006 Module

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