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Academic Writing at advanced level (CEFR Level B2, IELTS 6.0) is designed for non-native speakers of English. The module is designed to enable students to structure writing to produce coherent, extended text in an appropriate register for academic purposes; to effectively summarise and evaluate secondary sources and apply reading to a specific issue or question in essay formats and to express finer shades of meaning. Students learn to employ correct citation and referencing techniques, and to organise coherent arguments. The module is also designed to enable students to widen their research skills, and to further develop the micro-skills necessary for writing at this level: ideas generation, pre-writing, planning and text organisation, editing and rewriting. Improved English language use in writing and extension of vocabulary, together with an awareness of self-correction in response to tutor and peer formative feedback, is also key.

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UEGL5007 Academic Writing IV Semesters 1, 2 and Summer 28/03/2023 12:52:32