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This module provides opportunities for trainees to gain an insight into the full professional life of a teacher. Trainees will address issues and challenges which arise in teaching and learning and develop a set of attitudes, skills and knowledge relevant to the expectations of the Teachers' Standards (DfE 2012).Through planning, teaching and assessment opportunities and subject expectations trainees will fulfil their potential as a reflective classroom practitioner in order to meet the Teachers' Standards. This module is the third of three main blocks of School-based Training placements (SBT), which will take place in the University's Partnership schools. This final placement will engage trainees in sustained teaching of children across the curriculum and taking on the full role of the classroom teacher in preparation for their first teaching post. Experience gained on each school-based placement will be built upon and invested in, in order to facilitate and accelerate trainee?s progress towards becoming an effective practitioner. Trainees will need to be successful in each element of SBT in order to pass the programme. It is successive in nature; trainees must be successful in SBT1 before moving to SBT2, and pass SBT2 before moving onto SBT3.

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