This portfolio module is designed to contain a number of possible optional courses which will change from year to year as staffing, teaching interests and curriculum coherence dictate. The Level 5 Special Topic modules approach literary study through common study paradigms: period; theme; generic; and stylistic analysis. Each provides a range of options with a common disciplinary methodology to enable students to specialise in particular in areas of study. All options on this Period Focus module will emerge from staff teaching and research specialisms and will offer students concentrated study on a more focused range of ideas and issues than are covered in the Alternative Compulsory core modules. The options will complement learning in the cores as well as building on study undertaken at Level 4, but will introduce greater elements of specialisation and self-determined learning. By providing close textual analysis and broad contextual knowledge, they spread, deepen and enrich students? understanding of cultural production in all its diversity and multiplicity. Additionally, by enhancing core skills and knowledge, the options allow students to begin generating their own individual learning pathways which can be further directed in Level 6?s Advanced Options and the Dissertation modules.

Lists linked to Special Topics: Periods

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ENGL5005 Guilty Pleasures: Victorian Sensation (Special Topics: Periods) Semester 1 04/01/2024 10:37:20
ENGL5005 Posthuman Futures (Special Topics: Periods) Semester 1 29/04/2024 13:14:41