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The academic study of early childhood relies upon critical reading of texts from a range of sources, including research, government policy documents and media reports about children. It is essential, therefore, that students become skilled at interpreting these texts critically and becoming familiar with the ways in which knowledge is produced and shared in the field of early childhood studies. This module aims to develop your critical reading skills through a range of group activities focusing on texts from a variety of sources. Through these activities you will develop an awareness of critical issues in early childhood studies and the skills to take part in discussions, presenting informed arguments on all aspects of the field of study. In addition, the module will prepare you for the academic study of early childhood at Oxford Brookes University by introducing students to a range of study skills and activities to enhance their assessment literacy. A key focus will be your own learning, and you will have opportunities throughout the module to reflect on and relate module content to your own experience and to practise key skills in academic reading and writing.

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Research and Professional Practice Semester 1 06/09/2021 12:53:23