1. Core Texts 3 items
    1. Globally responsible leadership: managing according to the UN Global Compact - Joanne T. Lawrence, Paul W. Beamish ©2013

      Book Essential

    2. Responsible leadership - Nicola M. Pless, Thomas Maak 2011

      Book Essential

  2. Recommended Texts 4 items
    1. Our common future - World Commission on Environment and Development 1987

      Book Recommended

    2. The UN Global Compact

      Webpage Recommended The U.N. Global Compact is a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals.

    3. The GRLI | Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative

      Website Recommended The Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative exists to catalyse the development of globally responsible leadership and practice in organisations and societies worldwide.

    4. Handbook on responsible leadership and governance in global business - Jonathan P. Doh, Stephen A. Stumpf 2005

      Book Recommended

  3. Wk 1 Readings 4 items
    1. Management & organisational behaviour - Laurie J. Mullins 2016

      Book Essential Chapter 10 provides a good overview of leadership theory and approaches.

    2. Managing to clear the air: Stereotype threat, women, and leadership - Crystal L. Hoyt, Susan E. Murphy 06/2016

      Article Optional Reading on Gender and Leadership

    3. White Knights: Leadership as the heroicisation of whiteness - Helena Liu, Christopher Baker 09/2016

      Article Optional Article on Race and Leadership

  4. Week 2 1 item
    1. Responsible leadership - Nicola M. Pless, Thomas Maak ©2011

      Book Essential Read Chapter 1 for an overview of responsible leadership.

  5. Week 3 1 item
    1. PRME Sharing Information on Progress Report - Oxford Brookes University, Oxford Brookes Business School

      Document Essential Please read this short report which provides a short overview on what your university is doing as part of its PRME commitment.

  6. Week 4 4 items
    1. Responsible Leadership and Stakeholder Management: Influence Pathways and Organizational Outcomes - Jonathan P. Doh, Narda R. Quigley 08/2014

      Article Essential This article provides a model for understanding how responsible leadership affects organisational outcomes.

    2. Understanding Responsible Leadership: Role Identity and Motivational Drivers - Nicola M. Pless 2007-8-14

      Article Essential This article is useful for applying the Maak and Pless (2006) model for your own case analysis.

    3. Research methods for business students - M. N. K. Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill 2019

      Book Recommended Read/re-read chapter 3 about literature reviews

  7. Week 5 - Event Innovation 3 items
    1. Humanizing digitalization: RESPONSIBLE leadership in the digital age - E, Macini

      Article Essential Gives a broad overview of the relevance of responsible leadership to technology.

    2. From WOM to aWOM – the evolution of unpaid influence: a perspective article - Nigel L. Williams, Nicole Ferdinand, John Bustard 30/09/2019

      Article Optional Provides an example of an application of AI for an event.

    3. Technology, Society, and Visioning The Future of Music Festivals - Martin Robertson, Ian Yeoman, Karen A. Smith, Una McMahon-Beattie 23/12/2015

      Article Optional Gives an overview of new technologies happening in events.