1. Required texts 7 items
    1. Civil disobedience, and other essays - Henry David Thoreau 1993


    2. Invisible man - Ralph Ellison 2001


    3. The Lone Ranger and Tonto fistfight in heaven - Sherman Alexie 1997


    4. The burning book - Maggie Gee 1983


    5. Occupy - Noam Chomsky 2012


  2. General Reading 7 items
    1. Cultural resistance reader - Stephen Dunscombe

      Book Essential Available online via Internet Archive. A print copy has also been ordered for the library

  3. Race and Slavery 13 items
    1. Invisible Man.(Ralph Ellison's book 'Invisible Man' on Barack Obama) - David Samuels 2008

      Article  Article not available online

    2. Pamphlets of Protest: An Anthology of Early African-American Protest ... - Richard Newman, Patrick Rael, Phillip Lapsansky

      Book  Book ordered for library

  4. Nations and Colonialism 13 items
    1. Eastern Europe since 1945 - Geoff Swain, N. Swain 1998


    2. Native American renaissance - Kenneth Lincoln

      Book  This book is available to 'borrow' online for free, but you have to register for an account with the Internet Archive.

  5. Gender Wars 13 items
    1. The Internet as a Tool for Black Feminist Activism: Lessons From an Online Antirape Protest - Laura Rapp, Deeanna Button, Benjamin Fleury-Steiner, Ruth Fleury-Steiner 2010


    2. Reconfigured Spheres: Feminist Explorations of Literary Space - Margaret R. Higonnet

      Book  Book ordered for library stock

    3. Feminist criticism and social change: sex, class and race in literature and culture - Judith L. Newton, Deborah Rosenfelt 1985


  6. Civil Disobedience 27 items
    1. Bourdieu and Literature - John R. W. Speller

      Book  Book ordered for Library

    2. Thoreau's 'Civil Disobedience' - John Haynes Holmes 1949

      Article  Article no longer available online

    3. Civil disobedience in focus - Hugo Adam Bedau 1991


    4. Civil Disobedience - by Harold Bloom, Blake Hobby

      Book  Book not in library stock

    5. Civil Disobedience: An American Tradition - Lewis Perry

      Book  Book on order for library

  7. Nuclear Threat 5 items
    1. Fictions of nuclear disaster - David Dowling 1987


    2. Cold War Literature: Writing the Global Conflict - by Andrew Hammond

      Book  Chapter 4. Book ordered for library stock

  8. Climate Literature 7 items
    1. Ice, fire and flood: Science fiction and the Anthropocene - Andrew Milner, J.R. Burgmann, Rjurik Davidson, Susan Cousin 2015


    2. Loosed upon the world: the saga anthology of climate fiction 2015

      Book  Book ordered for library