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Animal Behaviour and Welfare ANBW Subject
Animal Therapy ANTR Subject
Biotechnology/Bioimaging BIOS Subject
Child and Family Mental Health CHNR Subject
Children, Young People and Family Wellbeing WLBI Subject
Driving Mobility DRMB Programme
Emergency Care Practice EMCP Subject
Environmental Sciences BIOL Subject
Equine Science EQSC Subject
Extended Sciences LISC Subject
Food Science & Nutrition NUTR Subject
Health Care HCTR Subject
Higher Professional Education HPED Subject
Life Sciences WFLS Subject
Mental Health Nursing HESC Subject
Mental Health Nursing MHNR Subject
Midwifery MWIF Subject
Multi-Professional Perioperative Practice ODP Subject
Nursing Associate HECR Subject
Nursing Management ADNR Subject
Nursing Research DNUR Subject
Occupational Therapy OCCT Subject
Open Award OPEN Subject
Paramedic Emergency Care PARA Subject
Physiotherapy PSIO Subject
Professional Practice NURS Subject
Psychology PSYC Subject
Public Health CMNR Subject
Rehabilitation RHAB Subject
Rehumanising People in Extreme Situations RPES Course
Social Work SWRK Subject
Sport SPOR Subject
Vetinary Nursing VNUR Subject

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