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Name Code Type
Adult Nursing U401 Subject
Autonomous Health Care U451 Subject
Biology U145 Subject
Biotechnology/Bioimaging P101 Subject
Cancer Care U455 Subject
Cancer Care P402 Subject
Child and Family Mental Health P405 Subject
Children's Nursing U405 Subject
Children, Young People and Family Wellbeing P450 Subject
Community Nursing U463 Subject
Complementary Therapies U467 Subject
Conservation Ecology P102 Subject
Critical Care U471 Subject
Ecology, Evolution and Development P104 Subject
Emergency Care Practice U423 Subject
Environmental Sciences U155 Subject
Environmental Studies P100 Subject
Equine Science U160 Subject
Extended Sciences U140 Subject
Food Science & Nutrition P165 Subject
Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care U445 Subject
Health & Social Care - General P492 Subject
Health & Social Care - Open Award W490 Subject
Health & Social Care Practice P440 Subject
Health Care U441 Subject
Higher Professional Education P444 Subject
Learning Disability Nursing U409 Subject
Management in Health Care P448 Subject
Mental Health Nursing P413 Subject
Mental Health Nursing P437 Subject
Mental Health Nursing U413 Subject
Midwifery P417 Subject
Midwifery U417 Subject
Multi-Professional Health Care U437 Subject
Multi-Professional Perioperative Practice U421 Subject
Nursing U404 Subject
Nursing (Adult) - Pre-Registration P404 Course
Nursing Associate U446 Subject
Nursing Management P401 Subject
Nursing Research P495 Subject
Nutrition U146 Subject
Occupational Therapy U425 Subject
Occupational Therapy Skills P494 Subject
Osteopathy P490 Subject
Osteopathy (Non-UMP) U495 Subject
Osteopathy (UMP) U490 Subject
Palliative Care P410 Subject
Palliative Care U479 Subject
Paramedic Emergency Care U433 Subject
Paramedic Science U435 Subject
Physiotherapy U429 Subject
Physiotherapy Management P493 Subject
Professional Practice P466 Subject
Psychology P241 Subject
Psychology U241 Subject
Public Health P446 Subject
Rehabilitation P406 Subject
Rehabilitation U483 Subject
Reproductive and Sexual Health U442 Subject
Social Work U488 Subject
Social Work P403 Subject
Sport and Exercise Science U762 Subject
Sports & Coaching Studies U761 Subject

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