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Name Code Type
Architecture U300 Subject
Architecture & Regeneration P302 Subject
Architecture (1) P300 Subject
Architecture (2) P306 Subject
Architecture and Cultural Studies P301 Subject
Art & Design F600 Subject
Arts Management & Administration U645 Subject
Automotive Engineering P047 Subject
Built Environment Foundation U325 Subject
Business Aspects of Computing P008 Subject
Climate change and the Built Environment P308 Subject
Computing P087 Subject
Computing A U080 Subject
Computing B U081 Subject
Computing C U082 Subject
Computing D U087 Subject
Computing Foundation U001 Subject
Construction Management U335 Subject
Contemporary Arts P659 Subject
Conversion P001 Subject
Creative Music Production U661 Subject
Degree Apprenticeship for Real Estate Management U351 Subject
Developing Counties P381 Subject
Development Practice P303 Subject
Digital Media Production P010 Subject
Digital Media Production U665 Programme
Distributed Systems P006 Subject
Electronics U088 Subject
Energy Efficient Building P304 Subject
Engineering U045 Subject
Environmental Assessment & Management P383 Subject
Environmental Management & Technology P384 Subject
Estate Management U350 Subject
Film Noir U64075 Module
Film Studies P640 Subject
Film Studies U640 Subject
Fine Art U655 Subject
Fine Art P655 Subject
Foundation Engineering U008 Subject
Geographical Information Systems U378 Subject
Historic Conservation P378 Subject
IFP Art U656 Subject
Mathematics U086 Subject
Microelectronics U089 Subject
Music U660 Subject
Music P660 Subject
Networks (Computing) P005 Subject
Networks (Electronics) P003 Subject
Planning P375 Subject
Planning (1) U375 Subject
Planning (3) U377 Subject
Project Management P335 Subject
Publishing U650 Subject
Publishing P650 Subject
Real Estate Management P350 Subject
Robotics U085 Subject
Software P004 Subject
Spatial Planning P376 Subject
Statistics P031 Subject
Statistics U084 Subject
Technology 1 (General) P000 Subject
Technology 2 (Projects) P009 Subject
Technology Management U046 Subject
Tourism & Environmental Management P380 Subject
Transport Planning P379 Subject
Urban & Regional Regeneration P377 Subject
Urban Design P320 Subject
Urban Design (Mres) P390 Subject
Web Technology P007 Subject

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